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How it works - 3 easy steps

You can set up your unlimited sideloading experience within just a few minutes.

  • Register Your UDID

    Get a signing certificate for your iDevice by registering your UDID with us


  • Link Your Device

    Connect your iDevice to the AppDB services by linking it to your e-mail address


  • Install And Connect The App

    Enjoy the full experience of an all-in-one sideloading AppStore using the native AppDB app



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The registration of your UDID and the activation of your certificate usually takes just a couple of minutes, while most other services require a minimum of several days, up to several weeks.

Check this blog article

Check this blog article

We partnered with AppDB because it is the most stable signing service with the best reputation. It has the most experienced staff, the most helpful community and the largest app database out there. Learn more

1-Year-Service Guarantee

We are using anti revoke technology. However, if your certificate ever gets revoked, it will immediately be replaced for free.

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