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There is no service that offers as many features, the amount of apps and the reliability that we provide, still our prices are amazingly low.



For the basics
15.99 €


Download your certificates
18.99 €


Includes AppDB PLUS
37.99 €25.99 €


Includes SignApp Cloud
49.99 €35.99 €
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The registration of your UDID and the activation of your certificate usually takes just a couple of minutes, while most other services require a minimum of several days, up to several weeks.

Check this blog article

Check this blog article

We partnered with AppDB because it is the most stable signing service with the best reputation. It has the most experienced staff, the most helpful community and the largest app database out there. Learn more

1-Year-Service Guarantee

We are using anti revoke technology. However, if your certificate ever gets revoked, it will immediately be replaced for free.

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